Power of good mobile design: Wikipedia mobile traffic up 10x in five months.

Every now and then I learn something about the web that blows my mind.  The success of the Wikipedia mobile site is one such example.

In early July Wikipedia officially launched their mobile version which made it easier to browse Wikipedia on the iPhone, Android and other smart phones.  Looks like their mobile traffic increased by a factor of 10 in just a few months!

Mobile Wikipedia Statistics-2

Wikipedia received about 142 million mobile page views in October.  The raw data can be viewed at Wikipedia. This growth shows the power of a good mobile design.  When people found that they could actually use Wikipedia on their phones, they started using it a bunch more.  Not surprising when you compare the before and after images from an iPhone.  The redesigned version is on top, and the original site as seen on an iPhone is below.


Wikipeida "After"


Wikipeida "Before"

Congrats to Brion Vibber, Hampton Catlin, and the rest of the Wikimedia tech team for creating such a successful site.

PS. I’d love to build something similar for wikiHow.  If you know a designer or coder who can help, please email me at  jack “at” wikihow dot com.


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